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Wedding Reception & Gifts

Reception Perfection
The master of ceremonies introduces you both with a flourish of music. When the music starts, your first dance is with your bride. Your father, then her father will cut in. In the meantime, you'll dance with the mother of the bride, then your mother and the maid of honor. After your best man proposes his toast, you may want to offer one of your own, thanking him and all your guests for sharing such a special day with you and your bride. You and your bride will cut the cake together, placing your right hand over hers. You will remove your wife's garter and toss it to a group of waiting bachelors. When the party starts to wind down, you will change into your going away clothes and whisk your bride off to your honeymoon.

Thank for the memories -- and gifts
Within three months of the wedding, be sure that you and your wife send thank-you notes to all your guests. You should write to your friends, co-workers and family members. Make the notes personal by mentioning the gift and how much you and your wife are enjoying it.