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Wedding Ceremony

Traditionally, the groom stands at the altar as the processional comes down the aisle, waiting for his bride to join him. Today it is also acceptable for the groom to walk down the aisle with his parents. Once the bride's father has escorted her to you, he'll lift her veil, give her a kiss and shake your hand. You will then escort her to the altar and assume your ceremony position. After the ceremony, you and your new wife will lead the recessional back down the aisle. If you are having your receiving line at the chapel, you'll form it right after the recessional and greet your guests as they exit.

Military protocol
If you or your spouse are in active or reserve military service, you may decide to have a military wedding, complete with all the pageantry and patriotism it inspires. Invitations must show the service member's rank and branch. You and any members of your wedding also in the military should be in dress uniform. You do not wear a boutonniere. The actual wedding ceremony follows that of your religion. Six white-gloved officers form the arch of saber swords for Navy Sailors and Marines, which you and your bride walk beneath, after the ceremony.