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Prom Planning Checklist

Definitely plan to attend your prom, either with a group of your best friends or with that one special individual. Prom night is an event you will remember the rest of your life. Plan to make it an enjoyable memory. This is one event you will not want to miss.

What do I do first?

  • Purchase prom tickets
  • If you plan to rent a limo, reserve ASAP
  • Rent your tuxedo from any Sam Meyers Distributor. Choose accessories to co-ordinate with your date's dress. If a dress color has not been selected or if you are going stag, choose accessories that are neutral.
  • Once your date has decided on a dress, order flowers to co-ordinate.
  • Make reservations at your favorite restaurant - remember this is one evening to choose a restaurant that does not have a drive-thru.
  • Get your hair cut far enough in advance, so that you don't have that "new hair cut" look.
    If you are providing the transportation, have your car washed.
  • The day before, or the morning of, pick up your tuxedo. Try everything on to make sure of a proper fit.
  • Pick up flowers from the florist. They will inform you as to how to care for them.
  • On the day of the prom - be on time and it may sound repetitious, but don't drink and drive. Actually, don't drink at all. Prom memories were never enhanced by the addition of alcohol.